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Best Porn apps in VR of 2018

Porn lovers around the world have a lot to be happy about the past few years. There is more free pornography available on the internet than ever before. Anyone can find whatever type of smut their lustful eyes desire. At the same time, advancement in technology have also made porno better. The content is now available in high-quality HD and 4K Ultra. Plus, with so many people using smartphones, any person can record their sexual illicit affairs instantly. That has resulted in record-breaking amounts of amateur porno available.

Yet even with all of this, that is not all the good news for porn lovers. You also have the rise in Virtual Reality porn videos and apps. Virtual reality is changing how people look at porn in every sense. They are capable of immersing themselves within the content. Moreover, users can interact with porn actors and others in VR worlds. There are presently thousands of adult apps created just for VR heads.  These VR porn apps are making voyeurism exceptionally enjoyable. There are also VR porn games which add another dimension to smut and sexual gratification satisfaction.

SexLikeReal – The name of this app is more or less how you will feel when viewing adult content with it. The VR porn app is considered the starting point for VR porn videos. Part of that is due to a lot of the content found on the app. Many of the top adult film studios often release new material to the SexLikeReal app. That lets you see the latest and hottest VR porn scenes right from the app. You don’t have to go to whichever website the VR porn video is from since the app lets you see it all from there Users will enjoy more than 5,000 adult video. In addition, the app is updated at least 10 times a day. SexLikeReal app is also discreet, safe and secure.

Badoink VR – No person who watches virtual reality porn regularly isn’t familiar with Badoink VR. That’s because they are one of the first adult sites made just for VR porn content. It is why this is one of the best VR porn apps in the world. Their content is high-quality and easy to use. Android users will find it much simpler to use than iPhone owners though. The app is not free since you have to pay a $1 membership fee.

Naughty America – The Naughty America site is renowned for being home to many of the hottest and most beautiful adult models. They also have tons of VR porn content which is sexually stimulating. Their app lets you check out raunchy and steamy porn movies quickly. The entry fee is $1 for new members.

Wankz VR – For HD quality type VR porn videos, Wankz VR app is one of the best. Using the app will let you zoom in on the smut material. That makes getting a better view of your favorite sex scenes easier. It also makes checking out any pornstars hot body parts closer. You do have to install the VR Player in order for the adult app to work. Still, since it is available for free, that is not a problem. Once you do so, you will be able to see VR porn videos in 3D perspective.

Pornhub VR – When it comes to any kind of pornography, Pornhub is the place to go. Even though they have infinite free regular porn, Pornhub also has tons of VR content. Some of it is gratis, but the higher quality videos are for premium users. Their VR porn app makes watching your favorite pornstars in action that much more enjoyable.

VR Smash – Fapping takes on a new meaning when you use this adult app. The popular porn tube site is the best for viewing virtual reality adult content. In addition to all the steamy and ruttish porn, you can also see previews of new or upcoming VR sex games.